Underwater WC at Mumin Papa Café


Mumin Papa Café
57-1 Matsue
Akashi, Japan
Tel: 78 923 0238

Akashi, Japan: Getting all Cousteau in the can

Underwater WC at Mumin Papa Café

Look, we can't all afford to check into the $6300-a-night underwater suite at the Atlantis Dubai's Neptune Suite, with its wraparound bay-window view of the underwater chambers, an aquarium that houses 65,000 sea creatures. (Admittedly, that's works out to just about 10 cents a fish.).

At Mumin Papa Café, on the beach in the Hyogo Prefecture city of Akashi in Japan, you can have the same experience in the ladies' restroom for the price of a cup of coffee.

The loo is surrounded on three sides by a cavelike aquarium—the whole thing cost $275,000 to build—and it's dead quiet in there, letting you fully commune with nature, as it were. As long as you don't suffer from performance anxiety. Apparently, there's a curious turtle in the tank.

Photo: Mumin Papa Café

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