42 Amwell Street

London, UK
Tel: 020 7713 8368

London, UK: B.Y.O. Tupperware to the market of the future


London's Unpackaged might just be the future of food retail (at least we hope it is): It's an organic market that eliminates all that useless packaging, just like the name says.

Here, you don't just bring your own canvas tote or reuse-a-bag: You bring your own containers and load them up from the bins and tanks in-store—or as the shop's signs say, "Fill. Weigh. Pay. Save." Brilliant.

And handsome: Finally, people are starting to understand that indie eco-friendly consumption can be beautiful on the outside, too—we want to move right in to this gorgeous space with its black-and-white bins and sexy brown-paper veg displays (check out the photos at We Heart). Which is not quite the effect our local organic hippie market has on us. (Yep, we're that shallow.)

Unpackaged at the Old Lloyd's Dairy [via We Heart]

Photo: We Heart

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