Vermont Cheese Festival


Vermont Cheese Festival
1611 Harbor Road
Shelburne, VT
Tel: 802 985 8686



Shelburne, VT: Artisan curdsmiths come together on Lake Champlain

Vermont Cheese Festival

Vermont, not surprisingly, has the most cheesemakers per capita in the United States. And for those masters of the curd, the Vermont Cheese Festival, taking place this Sunday, July 24, is Woodstock.

The gustatory part of the festival is headquartered inside an old carriage barn at Shelburne Farms, a National Historic Landmark abutting Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks. Here, more than forty cheesemakers will hold court—Thistle Hill Farm, Valley Shepherd, Grafton Village and more—and among them, to give your palate a rest from all that cheese, you'll also find brewers, charcutiers, winemakers and (of course) fellow Vermonters and dairy-heads Ben & Jerry's, scooping icy treats and sponsoring the event.

You can also catch cheese-making demos and farm-to-table seminars, and the impossibly picturesque property is conducive to digestive strolls. Stone barns dating to the 1800s nestle in lush greenery, where Brown Swiss cows—whose milk goes into Shelburne Farms' own products—graze happily, starting the cycle all over again.

Photo: Vermont Cheese Festival

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