Yuen Po Street Bird Garden


Yuen Po Street Bird Garden
Yuen Po Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon
Hong Kong, China
Tel: 852 2302 1762

Hong Kong, China: Of a feather

Yuen Po Street Bird Garden

Just as you can't walk down a Paris street without seeing dozens of doggies out for a promenade, a stroll in Hong Kong will make you aware of the Chinese fondness for keeping birds, said to bring good luck: You'll see cages hanging and hear their tweets trilling out of windows.

The feathered pets are prized more for their singing than their looks—there's a thriving demand for songbirds, and that market has its HQ in the Yuen Po Street Bird Garden.

This market, in Prince Edward Road West, is a feast for the senses: Tucked in alleys and courtyards are more than 70 stalls hawking birds and everything the birdlover might require, from the aesthetic and collectable (pricey handcrafted teak cages, wee porcelain feeders) to the practical (live crickets, grasshoppers and mealworms (all that singing makes a body hungry).

Keep your hands to yourself (avian flu is a concern, and there are signs reminding you thereof), but your eyes and ears wide open.

Photo: Magalie L'Abbé/Flickr Creative Commons

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