Zámek Zábřeh Brewery Hotel


Zámek Zábřeh Brewery Hotel
U Zámku 42/1
Ostrava, Czech Republic
Tel: 420 554 819 411

Ostrava, Czech Republic: Beer baths in a 16th-century château

Zámek Zábřeh Brewery Hotel

When the nearly 500-year-old Zábreh château in the Moravian city of Ostrava came up for sale in 2007, a pair of entrepreneurs sought to restore the place—which had been everything from an aristocrat's residence to an archdiocese seat to an office building—to its original purpose: Here, beer was brewed as early as 1574.

The luxury hotel's 18 rooms are furnished with centuries-old antiques and themes tied into the region's history. In the Hunter room, for instance, you're ensconced in oak paneling and sleep beneath a massive elk head.

But chiefly, Zámek Zábřeh's appeal is all about the beer: Drinking it (the Pikard Brewery produces a handful of small-batch beers, including dark lagers and wheat brews, with more in the works), and bathing in reclaimed barrels filled with it (at the hotel spa, where wine treatments are also available).

Or—our favorite—doing both at the same time.

Photo: Zámek Zábřeh

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